Day 5 ~ There Are Thin Mints in My Freezer


Caprese Egg Sandwich (again!)

I’m chipping away at that loaf of Paleo bread, $0.46 at a time.  It’s still a nice breakfast, but I think tomorrow might require more variety!

Post-Workout Food-

I haven’t really delved into the realm of pre/post nutritional supplements.  Protein powder, Creatine, L Glutamine… it all kind of intimidates me.  I’ve always thought of that stuff as heavily processed in a scary, unregulated factory and full of weird non-food ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  I guess another reason I’ve never considered the nutritional supplements because I’ve never felt like that serious of an athlete that my body would warrant that kind of additional attention.  However, I had so much energy and clarity this morning when I showed up for my morning CrossFit workout.  I pushed myself REALLY hard, and it felt great.   Leaving CrossFit, my mouth was sticky, my legs were like Jell-O, and I was hungry.  All those reasons for consuming those post-workout protein powder products were swarming around in my head.  Although I’d never tried starting a regimen of consuming quick-absorbing, liquid proteins post-workout, ingesting protein in liquid form along with some glucose as soon as possible after a strength workout is supposed to be ideal. My husband had seen ground hemp seed in a tub (no other ingredients, just the hemp) by Nutiva at our local Jimbo’s natural grocer.  He picked it up before the challenge in case I ever felt the need for a shake versus my usual, lackadaisical post-workout snack of a bite of fruit and a scoop of almond butter.  Today was the day to try the hemp protein.  I threw together a smoothie.  It was grainy and green, but tasted just fine to me.  I was guzzling this Paleo-approved, “real enough” post-workout nutrition 15 minutes after my workout.  Not bad.

NOTE: When digging around my freezer for the frozen strawberries, I discovered that we have a tube of thin mint cookies.  Heaving a big sigh, I closed the freezer door, but I pouted about it for a few minutes.

After-Workout Dirt Smoothie

3 T hemp seed protein

8 oz coconut water

5 frozen strawberries

½ small banana

Dirt Smoothie


Stuffed Cabbage (recipe and pictures shown on Day 4 or click here)

These were even better the second day!

As-Soon-As-I-Walk-In-The-Door-Ravenously-Hungry Afternoon Snack-

Handful of pistachios in a dish, not out of the bag!

In order to be more aware of portion control and to eat with intention versus boredom or stress, when I eat, I made a rule for myself to put all snacks on a plate/dish before I scarf them down.

Pistachios in a dish


Spaghetti Squash Bolognese

1 pound ground meat (I used turkey)

½ onion, chopped

1 carrot, chopped

1 celery stalk, chopped (or leave out and use an extra carrot)

1 jar of prepared spaghetti sauce (check label to make sure there is no sugar in the ingredient list)

1 spaghetti squash, halved, and seeds/pulp removed

Heat oven to 400 degrees.  Bake squash halves flesh-side down in a pan filled with a couple inches of water for 40 minutes until squash is tender.  Or, microwave squash in the pan with water and covered with plastic wrap for 10 minutes until squash is tender.

In a skillet, brown the meat until it is no longer pink.  Add the chopped vegetables and cook for about 10 minutes more.  Drain any unwanted grease.  Add the jar of spaghetti sauce.  Stir, cover, and simmer for at least 15 minutes.

When the squash is done, use a fork (and a hot pad) to scoop/flake out the squash.  I like to put the squash directly into a colander.  When the spaghetti squash rests, it can be a little watery, and I don’t like this excess water mixing with my nice spaghetti sauce.  So, I put a bowl that nests into the colander on top of the squash and press down firmly to extract any extra water from the squash that might otherwise pool up in your eating bowl.

Squash Rig

Once you have “dry” spaghetti squash, divide it up into your serving bowls.  Ladle on the sauce and enjoy.

Spaghetti Squash Bolognese


Coconut Lemon Meltaways

Yes, the squash is a satisfying meal, but I was still hungry.  I had made these little “cookies” before the challenge began, and they’ve been stashed in the fridge.  I enjoyed a few of them this evening (after I had placed them on a plate.)  The Thin Mints remain untouched.


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