Day 7 ~ Huffing the Reese’s

Well, I made it through Valentine’s Day with just the minor setback of going a little crazy with the Medjool dates.  Yes, that was a lot of sugar, but I didn’t wake up with a sugar hangover or a bloated belly like I could have from an overdose on conversation hearts and crap-quality chocolates.  I was a little tired, but I attributed that to the obvious lack of sleep and it being the end of the week.

I had my same simple breakfast and lunch as yesterday– the fried egg with green onion and a couple of sausage links and the leftover batch-cooked carnitas with the veggies.  Sliced apples and almond butter were a nice boost between breakfast and lunch.

I still had an even energy level and enough clarity throughout the day for my workload and for the hundred double-unders in the CrossFit WOD.  However, as I was still tying up loose ends with work even after the kids were home and the evening encroached, I was done.  I was starving and drained, even after a post-workout refuel AMRAP bar, which I must say was delicious and chock full of raw nuts.  It just wasn’t espresso and Thanksgiving dinner.

There was no way a dinner was emerging from this kitchen tonight.  We actually pulled a sitter together for the kids, and hauled it to Claim Jumper.  I’ll hand it to you that Claim Jumper is not my idea of a special date night, but at this point, we were so ravenous that we just needed a place in which we could have something familiar to eat while sinking into a puffy chair.  We got in, and I ordered a Widow-Maker burger, which is a burger patty topped with bacon, onion rings, avocado, cheddar, mayo, and red relish.  I had them hold the cheese and onion rings, got rid of the condiments, and tossed the bun.

While it was delightful to have only spent $20 on a sit-down dinner, it didn’t even seem like date night without drinks or dessert.   Ugh.   How deeply have I been conditioned to equate ‘restaurant’ with alcohol and some sugary, gluteny, ice-cream topped concoction?  Going to a restaurant is a special occasion, you know.  And there’s another excuse.  Good for me for recognizing that about myself though.  However, apparently I am not doing much to change that perception.  On our date, we spent some time pondering what we would want to eat when the challenge is over.  Hubby said pizza.  You don’t need me to tell you what I said.

Since Paleo had already put a damper on date night, we topped off the lackluster evening with a trip to Target.  Hubby had a couple things he wanted to look at there, and after I collected the boring sundries on my list, I somehow found myself standing in the candy aisle.  Easter candy displays dazzled with even more fanfare than the Valentine stuff.  I just stared at everything.  Ahh, the torment!  The security camera footage might or might not have caught me sniffing the packages too.  I am in serious withdrawal.  Can someone remind me why I am doing this?

Reeses display


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