Day 8 ~ Consumed by Dishes

We all slept in and took our sweet time getting going this Saturday morning, which was lovely.  But, the house was disheveled, and there were tons of dishes and laundry to be done, which irritates me to no end.  This whole making every darn thing from scratch business is a crock!  I need to start scrutinizing recipes based on how many pots and pans will be used.  At least with flour and powdered sugar being off limits, I don’t need a sifter to add to the trail of skillets, Dutch ovens, steamer baskets, baking dishes, sheet pans, food processor attachments, cutting boards, spatulas, and explosion of knives that dapples my counter space.  I counted 6 spatulas in the sink this morning, and my knife block is almost empty.  Seriously, I am haunted by dishes.  When will they stop? We even ate out last night!  That my kitchen STILL looks like this beguiles me.


The kitchen disaster is a known trigger to my emotional eating.  My typical pattern is to wallow in the mess of the kitchen, but, surrounded by nearly 360 degrees of food, easily and willingly take myself on a “Taste of the Kitchen” walking tour, sampling everything I lay eyes on until finally I face the reality that the dishes are still there and won’t leave until I do them.  The rationale of this pattern is that I already know I could spend all day in the kitchen cleaning up messes because I would fail to put away the clean dishes and catch up on the dirty ones before more would pile up, so I may as well draw out the process even more so that spending all day there is not an exaggeration.  However, I was not going to go down the road of that pattern of avoidance and stress eating today.

After a quick breakfast Paleo Caprese Egg Sandwich (finally used up the Paleo bread and the basil!), we went on a long family walk, leaving the mess in the kitchen and the potential snack sampling behind.  In an effort to keep more dirty dishes out of my house, we visited the Paleo food truck.  I went for the lamb burger and it swept me off my feet yet again. Tender lamb from a local farm, tzatziki seasoning, and a mint apple bacon chutney, oh my! Plantain chips and apple slaw put me over the edge, and I was completely sated—even satisfied enough to do chores without munching.

Lamb burger

We had leftover Spaghetti Squash Bolognese for dinner (from Day 5).  Between having lunch out of the house and having leftovers for dinner, I am happy to report that those dishes finally got done!


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