Day 15 ~ Silver Dollars and Soft Serve

Ahhhh, the weekend was finally here!  I had the opportunity to test out a new pancake recipe at my leisure.  I stumbled upon Paleo Spirit’s Banana Pancake recipe and gave it a shot.

They were easy to prepare and fluffy.  The recipe utilizes just a tablespoon of honey and relies on the natural sweetness of the banana to sweeten the pancakes.  My husband and I both ended up drizzling about 2 teaspoons of maple syrup across the tops of our stacks.   The only drawback to the recipe was that the pancakes were very difficult to handle in the pan.  You have to keep them silver dollar-sized or you won’t be able to flip them.  Cooking itty-bitty pancakes reminded me of my grandfather.  He loved to make “hotcakes” for the grandkids.  He would whip up enormous batches of silver dollar pancakes and then instruct us to “eat our age” in pancakes.  I was successful in doing so until 1991.  Today, while I didn’t come close to eating my age, I got a full, happy belly. 


We finished off the batch-cooked Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Veggies for lunch and did our menu planning and grocery shopping for the upcoming week.

We had dinner out at Outback Steakhouse where I feasted upon a 7 ounce sirloin, a kebob of grilled shrimp, a mound of steamed broccoli, and a baked yam (no butter or sugar.)  Hubby and I even split a glass of shiraz.  It was a nice break, although eating out is always playing with fire.  We tracked, turned our heads, and craned to follow a bloomin’ onion being served a few tables down.  More elaborate details regarding our “day after the challenge meal” were also discussed.

We topped off the evening with dessert, although we passed on the Outback Cinnamon Oblivion, and made something at home.  My dear GAPS/Paleo friend pointed me in the direction of this recipe.

It is kind of funny even calling it a recipe.  It is just pureeing a frozen banana, but doing so makes an incredible soft serve frozen dessert.  I was amazed!  I pureed 3 bananas.  I added a little vanilla and some cacao powder, which made it fun.  But even before I added anything, the whipped banana didn’t taste all that banana-ish.  It was nothing like mashed fresh banana– not in taste or in texture.  It was fluffy and mousse-like and just tasted sweet and creamy, almost like frozen yogurt.  My husband got tired of it after eating half of his bowl, but I think that the cacao powder made it a little bitter for him.  There is a slight chalky after note to the frozen banana, which some might not love in this “soft serve” dessert.  If you’ve ever eaten too much of those white “strings” that are part of the banana peel but sometimes stick to the banana itself when you peel it, you know the taste I’m talking about.  However, I am definitely making this again and experimenting with adding different things like honey, cinnamon, coconut milk, shredded coconut, pureed strawberries, etc.  I can’t wait to try it again. 




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