Day 18 ~ Call It Like You See Me

The WOD-crushing high carried me into the morning, but dwindled.  My two eggs and apple were a good start, but did not exactly replicate the energy of yesterday.

My son has this habit of wearing his jacket on the car ride to school because he can exit the car and go right over to play without taking the thirty seconds it takes to bundle up.  Today he eagerly bounded into the car, which was great.  We were running late, so not having to goad and nag him into the car was great timing.  However, he had overlooked putting on his jacket. I had in on the front seat with us, and we headed out.   About four minutes into the drive, my son had a complete meltdown and screamed about wanting me to turn the car around so he could put on his jacket at home.   All attempts to explain, appease, reason, and even ignore him (and his flailing feet on the back of my chair) failed until we actually got to school and got his jacket on before the car doors were opened, and, like the flick of a switch, the ordeal was over.

I was slightly rattled, but made it to work sporting a smart outfit, a new hairdo, and a confident smile.  It was a demanding day, but I was quick on my feet and moved through it, powered by the salad I had brought along featuring the batch-cooked fajita meat and veggies and a pack of Wholly Guacamole.   I just had one more hour of being “on” when someone at work made a point of asking me if I was ok, and she proceeded to inform me that I looked tired.  Perhaps she was right, though it was not the image I was going for (or thought I was presenting!)  There went any remnants of WOD-crushing confidence.  On my way out, I was told to go get some rest, which sort of offended me.  Sheesh!  Did I look that bad?  But, on the third step out to my car, melting into my bed was all I was thinking about.  I, of course, didn’t make it to bed at 4:30 like I had been daydreaming about.  I did, however, make it to the pantry for a handful of plantain chips and to the fridge for a couple spoonfuls of cashew butter out of the jar (I vaguely remember a vow I made to eat snacks off of a plate), and then I got to work on preparing a pork stir fry.

I cubed a pound of pork loin and got out the wok, some broccoli, coconut aminos, some arrowroot, ground ginger, and garlic.  I tossed the pork loin in a tablespoon of arrowroot and a teaspoon of ground ginger and began frying it in a tablespoon of coconut oil when I took a phone call.  My sweet husband (or perhaps starved husband) stepped in.  He added the broccoli, a couple cloves of crushed garlic, salt, pepper, and a quarter cup of coconut aminos shaken with a tablespoon of arrowroot.  He put the lid on the wok so the broccoli could get tender and the sauce could thicken.  I should say he also sprinkled on some Chinese five spice which I could have done without—too licorice-y and cinnamon for such a savory, garlicky dish, but I won’t complain about having dinner prepared for me!  Maybe he will forget to read the blog for today.  Maybe if we have a strawberry cupcake, we will forget that I mentioned I didn’t care for the Chinese five spice.  And I’m back to head games with food.  I’m going to call it a day.  There was no WOD for me today, no time.  Apparently I need my rest anyways, and I have a bed that is calling me to melt into it.




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