Day 22 ~ Dole Whip Gone Paleo Takes Me to Paradise

Here’s a very quick roundup of today’s fuel:

Breakfast- Leftover cinnamon coffee cake (I had to eat the remaining six dollar’s worth of the fifteen dollar batch, and now I won’t make it again.)

Lunch- The Habit Restaurant- A lettuce-wrapped burger with bacon, guacamole, grilled onions, and tomato.  Fantastic! My husband and I also split a garden salad.  We ordered the house balsamic vinaigrette but weren’t sure what to expect.  We gave it a little taste.  My husband liked it.  It was a decent option, as I’m sure it was low in sugar, if any, and the menu said it was made with olive oil.  However, I had gotten my son a kid’s meal at Rubio’s just minutes before walking into The Habit.  While in Rubio’s, I snagged a couple to-go containers of salsa and brought those in to put on my half of the salad.

Habit Burger and Salad

Dinner- Leftover almond meal/coconut-crusted halibut with salsa, and, don’t laugh… oven-crisp okra!  I was cleaning out my freezer and noticed 2 bags of frozen okra, which I had bought a while ago for gumbo.  I had not planned ahead for Saturday’s dinner and had anticipated getting groceries before dinner, but it didn’t happen.  We really had no veggies left in the house other than onions and baby carrots.  So, after a quick google search of ‘paleo frozen okra,’ I found this recipe from Fast Paleo and got to work.  I was pleasantly surprised that they really were crispy and almost chip-like.  No slime with this okra, just great flavor from a unique little veggie!


Finally, for my pride and joy of the evening, I made a Paleo-ized version of Dole Whip!  Wow!  It was amazing!  Really close to the real thing!  Definitely a winner!  I will make this again for sure.  Thank you Detoxinista!



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