Day 23 ~ Crossed by the Chocolate Mint Larabar

Things are feeling good and becoming routine.  Energy is stable.  I’m not coming up with a new craving for a forbidden food multiple times a day.  We are cruising.  However, I’m realizing we have just a week left to go now on the challenge.  I was so busy today I didn’t stop to give any thought to what sort of lifestyle changes I may want to more permanently adopt or what I have learned from this experience, but it’s time to get those thoughts brewing as I enter the final week of the challenge.


Paleo Breakfast Porridge by Paleo Spirit

This was such a wonderful recipe.  I brewed myself a nice cup of ginger tea, and as I sat down to enjoy the porridge, I felt like I had checked into a Bed and Breakfast. With each bite, I imagined I was sitting on a veranda of a chalet, taking in the fresh mountain air, clad like a snow bunny with a trendy scarf, the porridge providing all the warmth I needed.   Yes, quite the dramatic fantasy.  The porridge really was that comforting and good though. (Thanks, A.M.!)



It was still slim pickings here, but I pulled something together, and it did the job.

Inside Out Salsa Burger

I had a stash of Kirkland Turkey Burger patties in the freezer, so I popped some in my cast iron skillet over medium high heat and covered with a lid.  Seven minutes per side was perfect.  While the burgers were cooking, I sautéed onion slices in a little bacon grease until they were caramelized.  Using a large serrated knife, I sliced each patty in half.  The meat slices become the top and bottom of the “bun.”  I dolloped some of that tasty salsa we had on hand for the halibut and added the onions before closing up the “bun.”  Then, I rounded out the plate with some plantain chips, carrots, and some more of that awesome salsa for dipping.



There was about a 7 hour stretch between lunch and dinner, so a few snacks were necessary, but I didn’t do a great job of keeping track.  I vaguely remember some strawberries, a handful of pecans, a couple of dates, a couple dried apples.  It was a bit of a blur, and I clearly didn’t limit how much sweet stuff I hit, but I stuck to my pool of approved foods.


No Pasta No Fagioli Soup

Have you ever had the Pasta e Fagioli Soup from Olive Garden?  It’s a hearty, meaty minestrone-type soup, and, in my opinion, the best thing on the menu at the “Denny’s of Italian food.”  The words pasta e fagioli actually mean noodles and beans.  For years, I had been making this convenient and delicious recipe from Crock Pot 365

I have since Paleo-ized it with the removal of the beans and pasta.  You might be wondering what’s left when you remove the pasta and the beans, but I promise you it is not lacking!  It is simply veggies and beef, but it is so rich and has that same hearty flavor of the traditional Pasta e Fagioli Soup.  Grass-fed beef for this is really nice!


I didn’t make time to come up with a new batch of dessert, so my husband and I consulted our stash of Larabars.  We attempted to split a Chocolate Mint Larabar (new flavor!), but we were super disappointed.  I thought it was pretty bitter tasting and hardly minty.  Bummer.  (Cue reeling feelings of being wronged and ripped off.)   Before I had convinced myself that injustice had not really occurred here, I had scarfed a spoonful of cashew butter and a couple of dried apples to get the bitter cocoa flavor out of my mind and mouth.  Perhaps not all of my emotional eating issues have been resolved.  However, tomorrow is a new day—the start of the last week of the challenge.


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