Day 29 ~ Baked Shoes

As I write, it is the end of Day 30, but I was so exhausted yesterday that I couldn’t stay awake to compose a blog entry for Day 29, so I am just catching up now.  On the night of Day 28, I had my husband sign me up for a time slot for a re-attempt of the CrossFit Open Workout 13.1.  I was thrilled to have initially completed 126 reps when I first completed Workout 13.1 on Thursday (Day 27), but once I had mentally replayed my performance, I knew that I could complete those second level snatch lifts.

Day 29 began with an early shot of anxiety and adrenaline.  It is interesting to me how much my body craves protein now.  Eggs settle that churning, gurgling hunger that I often wake up to.  Very soon after I got out of bed, I had a fried egg sautéed with green onion (anti-inflammatory plus it tastes good!) and got working on my liter of water.  I put a yam in the oven and tried some practice snatches in my kitchen with a broom handle.

My husband got busy lacing up the new OLY shoes he got for me.  On my first attempt at the 13.1 workout, my husband noticed that I was not getting under the bar as much as I could be.  The slight raised heel in of the weightlifting shoes is supposed to help with balance as the body descends.  So, with the shoes, I would supposedly feel more stable, and thus inclined to descend more quickly and deeply, making it easier to catch the bar.  You customize the fit of the Reebok CrossFit OLY shoes by baking them in the oven.  Once the shoes were baked (it’s just three minutes at 200 degrees), I put the shoes on my feet and I drizzled a teaspoon of maple syrup and sprinkled some cinnamon on my yam.  I sat down to eat while the just baked shoes were forming to my heels.



I paced around the house trying to busy myself so I wouldn’t go crazy in anticipation.  I got the kids dressed, unloaded the dishwasher, and played a Wii game with the kids.  Then it was GO time.

I felt fueled, rested, and focused.  After my husband helped me roll out and go through the Burgener warm up, I was ready.  With the encouragement of my husband and fellow athletes, I determinedly pushed myself as hard as I could go until I was completely spent when that 17 minute timer rang.  The result was a 144!  I cleared all of the second level snatches and had 49 seconds to spare to burn through some burpees (14 of them to be exact), and boy did they burn!  But, wow!  What an accomplishing feeling to know I gave everything I had in that workout.

Although the light, clean, unprocessed breakfast had fueled my workout, I was quite hungry for lunch after completing the workout.  We went to The Habit for a garden salad and a lettuce-wrapped double burger with bacon, avocado, and grilled onions.  Yum!


The burger and salad were delicious, but being full didn’t last long.  I was more drained than I thought.  I tried to re-hydrate as much as possible, but I had to get a little pick-me-up from a few dried apricots and a spoonful of almond butter before we headed to dinner at Stacked!  Those lettuce-wrapped chicken sandwiches we had a couple weeks ago were so good, we had a repeat order of those (with grilled onions, roasted red pepper, Paleo-questionable garlic aioli), a big salad, and split a sorghum beer.  Cheers!



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