Inside Out Turkey Guac Burgers

Inside Out Turkey Guac Burgers

Serve with Kale Chips

2 frozen turkey burger patties, such as Kirkland Turkey Burger Patties

avocado, mashed

dash of salt


red onion, sliced

Cook Kirkland Turkey Burger patties in a cast iron skillet over high heat and used a lid.  Have you seen these?  I LOVE them.  They are super lean, and a clean ingredient list: white meat turkey, salt, rosemary, and pepper.  They come out perfectly after cooking 7 minutes per side.

Using a large serrated knife, slice each patty in half.  The meat slices become the top and bottom of the “bun.”  Dollop some mashed avocado, salsa, and rings of red onion on one of the turkey burger slices and put the other slice of turkey burger on top.  Inside out burger—yum!

We’ve done the lettuce-wrapped burgers, but with those, I usually find that burger juice ends up dribbling all over my hands and runs down to my wrists.  Using the patty as the bun actually seems less messy!

I served kale chips with the burgers.  Those were super easy too!

Inside Out Burger with Kale Chips


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