Surrender ~ T – 1 Day

One thing I remembered today was that I have an issue with wasted food.  Sounds noble and financially-conscious, right?  Well, it’s actually another excuse.  I use it a lot when I play mental games over whether to throw away or eat my kids’ leftover bread crusts (after swiping them across a cube of butter) and other such ridiculous scraps.  I had the intentions of actually being “good” today, as it would have been very typical of me to just shovel away as much of the soon-to-be forbidden foods as possible while I still had the chance.  This morning wasn’t so bad.  I knew I would be running three 800m runs for time followed by a grueling ladder of deadlifts and ring dips for my CrossFit workout today.  I knew I wanted a quick protein and carb combo.  I grabbed a banana and peered into the fridge.  I handed myself that oh-so-familiar excuse of not letting the fancy, expensive peanut butter that was staring back at me go to waste.  So, I dug out a spoonful and ran out to the car to start my day.

After the morning workout and putting some time in at work, the hubby and I had the chance to go on a lunch date.  We stalked the Paleo food truck.  We devoured the bison burger, the lamb burger, and topped them off with the hash made from grated yams with bacon and avocado.  It was all delicious and satisfying.  However, once I was back ready to work again, I re-played in my mind the anxiety-inducing parallel parking job I did to get myself to the Paleo truck, and I had already made my way over to toss back two handfuls of chocolate chips.  Dang it! Why did I do that?  I let myself fall into those same old stressed out, mindless eating habits.  I’m really going to have to be more conscious and deliberate with my choices.

Part of this challenge will entail that I corral myself into a zone of safe foods and safe situations.  On the other hand, in order to truly eliminate the bad habits, I’ve got to learn some coping skills for resisting temptations.  I won’t always be surrounded by safe foods.

So, like a guilty criminal, I surrendered my weapon of choice– the stash of chocolate chips– to my husband after dinner.  I then went back in the kitchen and threw myself into making tomato bruschetta for the Paleo Challenge Kickoff Potluck tomorrow.  I am ready to take care of myself.



2 thoughts on “Surrender ~ T – 1 Day

  1. Wow three paleo good truck visits already?! I gotta be part of the next one!
    Also I’m the same way with wasted food, especially at the price I pay for the quality shit we eat. But here’s a solution–get a dog! I give the dogs scraps and don’t feel they are totally wasted that way. Plus my dogs love me for it.

    Or–have u considered making your whole household paleo? Then there would be no temptations. Lots of good websites and recipes out there for transitioning kids!

    Hang in there girl–u got this!!

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